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While I would like to think that this is a genuine change of heart based on hearing the voices of passionate teachers and educator groups that rallied on Monday, somehow I am skeptical.

While on the surface, this appears to possibly benefit our teachers, these currents run deeper – Gov. Abbott still has not proposed how to pay for these his plans, and the proposal laid out by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is nothing more than a plan to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Short-term, the money being promised ($1000 raises and aid for rural schools) will come from “deferred payments to managed care organizations” – basically someone’s health insurance company won’t get paid.

Long-term, the money is supposed to come from the Texas Lottery… but the $700 million needed to fund these programs will not be an ADDITIONAL $700 million from the lottery, but will be taken from the $1.3 billion already assigned to public education.

If Republicans truly wanted sustainable funding for our schools and property tax relief for weary homeowners, they wouldn’t keep using accounting gimmicks to make these unfunded mandates look legitimate.