Abbott adds school finance, retired teacher benefits to special session

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While I would like to think that this is a genuine change of heart based on hearing the voices of passionate teachers and educator groups that rallied on Monday, somehow I am skeptical.

While on the surface, this appears to possibly benefit our teachers, these currents run deeper – Gov. Abbott still has not proposed how to pay for these his plans, and the proposal laid out by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is nothing more than a plan to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Short-term, the money being promised ($1000 raises and aid for rural schools) will come from “deferred payments to managed care organizations” – basically someone’s health insurance company won’t get paid.

Long-term, the money is supposed to come from the Texas Lottery… but the $700 million needed to fund these programs will not be an ADDITIONAL $700 million from the lottery, but will be taken from the $1.3 billion already assigned to public education.

If Republicans truly wanted sustainable funding for our schools and property tax relief for weary homeowners, they wouldn’t keep using accounting gimmicks to make these unfunded mandates look legitimate.

Isaac is trying to silence our teachers.

Isaac is trying to silence our teachers.

My friend, David, is a public school teacher. He is just one of many whom I am lucky to count as my friends from my time as a high school science teacher, and now as a mother of two elementary school children. David very eloquently states all that is wrong with this bill that Jason Isaac is proposing.

As he mentions, teachers have no collective bargaining rights, so the only purpose of this bill is to prevent teacher advocacy organizations from speaking for the people they represent.

Isaac is trying to silence our teachers.

I will always support our public school teachers and educators. These are the people we entrust our children’s futures in. It’s time for them to be able trust their Legislators. #BryantForTexas #HD45

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Join us for a Campaign Kickoff Party in Driftwood!

Join us for a Campaign Kickoff Party in Driftwood!

Hey folks! We are less than a week away and I am really excited about getting this campaign going. I would love to see you all at the kickoff this weekend so I can learn more about you and how I can help. See you Saturday!

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Meet Jude, My Search And Rescue K9 Partner

Because she is such a huge part of my life, I would like to introduce you to my K9 partner, Jude. She is a 7-year old smooth-coat border collie trained to work off leash to find missing people in wilderness and rural environments. She lives with me and my family and is so much more to me than I can ever really convey.

When we are on a search, the two of us together are considered one resource. She is half of my identify out in the field and trying to search without her feels like someone took my eyes.

She also happens to be the happiest and most photogenic dog I know . Love this girl! ❤️❤️❤️

Elizabeth Bryant with Search & Rescue K9 Jude