Elizabeth Bryant for Texas HD45

“This is my community, and that’s what I’m fighting for.”

Photo Credit: Leandra Blei Photography

Campaigns cost money and it’s an unfortunate fact that a lesser candidate with the deeper pockets can win.  You can prevent that from happening in Hays and Blanco counties, and giving us the best shot at the Republican incumbent in November 2018 by making a donation today.

A little bit, a lot… one time or monthly… every bit counts! Our grassroots campaign needs your help today.

Because Elizabeth believes in transparent government (and never wants you to worry about whose interests she’s invested in) check out our donor list on this page.

Our Donors

James P. Akers
Tracy Barr
Larisa Bourgeois
Kimberley Bryers-Moore
Robin Camp
Casey Cunningham
Alexandra Dew Silva
David Doerr
Beverly Donoghue
Alex Dormont
Tina Eckert
John Eisenbraun
Paul and Maria Eisenbraun
Randy Ortega
Rindy Fox
Penelope Frohlich
Pat Gibson
Leslie Goldman
Blake Hamilton
Joanne Inscore
David Jaffe
Shea Jones
Ezra Keshet
Steven Kling
Sharon Laurent
Jared Lessard
Patricia Mancha
Suzanne Menuet
Kimberly Moore
Monica Newton
Nichole Newlan
Jonathan Perry
Mary Beth Pinkerton
Hedy Reese
Zuzana Sekerova
Elizabeth Shulman
Laura Shulman Brochstein
Sarah Slamen
Allison Smith
Karen Sosby
Kristie Waters
Stephen C. and Elisabeth D. Webster
Dave Wilson

Last Updated 7/27/2017