I have been pretty quiet on FB the last few days, and that is in large part because I have been at a loss for words. Do I talk about the terrorist attack in Manchester, England? Do I talk about the horrible bills coming out of the Texas Lege? Do I talk about the racist Islamaphobic attack that happened here in the US? Do I talk about Memorial Day and all of the soldiers we have lost in war?

There are so many horrible things to talk about. So many things to be angry about. I understand why people get angry – it is an active emotion – it provides a purpose and an outlet for grief. Sadness is passive, and it requires an action to get out of it – anger, or forgiveness. Of the two, anger is “easier” (and I put that in quotes intentionally – there is nothing easy about sadness, grief, anger, or forgiveness).

I have been blessed and cursed to be able to see the two sides to any story. Where some people see patriots, others see infidels. Where some see Godly, others see sinful. The list goes on. To me, this ability is a blessing. We live in a world of grey. While black and white, good and evil, are easier to understand and embrace, living in the grey is hard. Knowing that no one is fully right, or wrong… and that if they are wrong, there are reasons behind it, is an unpopular and challenging place to be. It’s easier to think of people as good or evil. It’s much harder to think that we all are a combination of the two.

We live in a complex world that requires complex solutions (if it were easy, we would have figured it out by now). It is a world of grey. We need to understand there is grey in all of us. The black/white, yes/no, wrong/right dichotomy has gotten us nowhere in the Legislature and in the world. That needs to end.


</end sermon>