Memorial Day. Today we commemorate the sons and daughters we lost in war. It seems trite to say “Thank you for your service.” You gave more than service – you gave your lives. There are no words that adequately speak to that.

To your mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters… to your compatriots in battle, please know that I see you. I cannot, nor should I, try to say words of comfort, because it is not my place to pretend to know what this day means to you… what every day means to you. What I do say, is that I pledge to avoid sending more of our loved ones to war. War is a last resort and is something to be considered most carefully and with great responsibility.

For me, as a potential elected leader, that is what I can speak to on this Memorial Day. Leadership brings responsibility and is an office of trust. That is what Memorial Day means to me.