Elizabeth Bryant for Texas HD45


Defend Our Families

Families are the heart of our community and our children deserve every opportunity to  fulfill their potential.

Public Education

If families are the heart of a community, schools are its soul.  All children should be able to get a quality education, regardless of where they live or what schools they attend.  We need to secure the future of our public schools with robust funding and support for our teachers and education staff.

Health Care

Access to health care is a fundamental human right.  Women should have control over their reproductive health under advisement of their doctors, not politicians.  Parents should be able to afford health care for their families and a major illness should not cause bankruptcy.  We need to make health care affordable and readily available to make our communities strong and healthy.

Higher Education

Everyone should have affordable access to some form of higher education – whether it is a traditional college degree program or a technical-vocational course.  We need to lower higher education costs so that anyone who is admitted to a program can afford to attend it.

Living Wage

Anyone who works forty hours a week should be able to afford a roof over their head and food on their table. Hard working people should not have to work multiple jobs, in order to meet their basic financial needs. We need to raise the minimum wage in order to allow members of our communities to be present for their families and neighbors.