Elizabeth Bryant for Texas HD45


Preserve Our Water

Water is the lifeblood of our district and must be protected.

River Management

A major draw to the Hill Country is our rivers and creeks.  In addition to driving our economy through tourism, our rivers act as natural flood control and provide a rich habitat for animal and plant life.  We need to protect them while also maintaining their accessibility to the visitors who enjoy them.

Aquifer Management

Our district sits on the Trinity and Edwards aquifers, the sources for our communities’ drinking water.  As our district grows, there is increased strain on our aquifers to provide for our water needs.  Since Texas is a “right to capture” state, it means that anyone can pull water from the ground they own – with very little oversight or regulation.

Wastewater Management

Along with struggling with where to obtain water, our district is increasingly grasping with the problem of what to do with wastewater.  Rather than discharging into our creeks and rivers (and potentially damaging their fragile ecosystems), we need to be encouraging grey water reuse – which also reduces our water needs – and requiring strict standards for any waste water discharge plans that include treatment and discharge into local bodies of water.

In order for our communities to survive, we need to develop sustainable plans for our aquifers.  Water is a finite resource, and we must encourage reducing our water needs and increase investment in rainwater catchment.