This is a long-time Dripping Springs resident. He has a respected masonry business and 4 children born here in the US (as well as one who had been a recipient of DACA). He is the perfect example of someone who should have a better path to citizenship in the US – hard working, contributing to his community and well-respected. He and his family are actively making the US a better place.

If he were an American citizen, he would have received a $200 ticket for driving without a license and another $200 ticket for rolling through a stop sign and then sent on his way. I agree, he needs to pay his fines; I am not condoning his traffic violations. But the only reason he is sitting *in jail* is because the sheriff’s department is VOLUNTARILY honoring an ICE detainer (SB4 isn’t in effect yet).

People complain about undocumented immigrants – but we really do not give many immigrants a realistic option to enter and work in the country legally. We need to rework our visa and citizenship process so that it is a viable option for folks looking for a better life in America. Let it be on record that I do not support SB4 and will work to overhaul our broken immigration system in order to reduce the number of undocumented immigrants in our country.

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2:34 p.m. UPDATE: Martin has been released to his family!