Yesterday was a heart-wrenching day for me, and I cannot imagine how much harder it was for my transgender friends, allies, and families with trans children. My heart aches for them.

In addition to the small-minded discriminatory ban on transgender service members announced by Trump yesterday, the Texas Senate passed SB3 (“the bathroom bill”) late last night. To understate it, it was a horrible day.

But I have hope. Yesterday, while the Senate voted in favor of discrimination and fear, I was sitting at the Hays County Women’s Political Caucus, listening to the group work through bylaws incorporating a PAC. And in that discussion was the insistence that “woman” be defined inclusively in recognition of gender-identity. If you identify as a woman, you are one, and the Caucus recognizes that.

While our current government is on the wrong side of history, I am confident our future one will not be. Change is in the air.

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